Saturday, December 8, 2012

PodgyPanda's "Tiny Terrors" Holiday themed custom Micro Munnys!

Created for Sneaky Raccoon's "Sneaky Snow Ball" custom show at Kidrobot London, PodgyPanda's "Tiny Terrors" are four custom 2.75-inch Micro Munny pandas out for a festive time in the Wintery months. Each one is not only brilliantly conceived and crafted, but comes with it's own PodgyPanda real cloth scarf! The four are doing different 'activities' (left to right): picking his nose, drinking coffee/hot cocoa (detail below left), eating a hamburger and throwing yellow snow snowballs (detail below right). And the little kid in me can't help but chuckle at that last one! These are available now £60 (approx. $96) apiece or £200 (approx. $320) for the set, which I assume includes the sweet watercolor backdrop; if you're interested, reserve yours now by contacting the artist directly

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