Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jeff Lamm x Monster Worship's "Mecha Greasebat: Dissection" Poster!

Have you ever wondered about the "Greasebat-Mechanized Heavy Armor Division"? Sure you have! I mean, the Mecha Greasebat has been used countless times in battle with the au naturel Greasebat, fighting it to a standstill and prevented the destruction of many a piece of property. This Jeff Lamm drawn poster of the "Mecha Greasebat: Dissected" gives the full rundown of the inner workings, as wonderfully colored by Matt Milla. This 11" x 17" full color digital poster is being released by Monster Worship in a limited edition of 50 unsigned copies. And they are dropping today (Wednesday, December 26th, 2013) at 7AM Pacific time for the insane price of only $8 each in the Monster Worship online store. When asked about a vinyl edition of this design, Monster Worship replied that we "look for the figure early next year!" Absolutely wonderful!

[Image courtesy of the Vinyl Pulse blog.]