Monday, December 17, 2012

Forest Island trading prints from Bwana Spoons!!!

Forest Island trading prints from Bwana Spoons are out now, and are looking AWESOME!!! This is a series of 3 color silk screen mini prints on heavy archival card stock. 24 different prints in all... and they are all part of Bwana's fantastic creature universe! Head on over to his online store HERE where you can pick up a Single, Six, or Twelve pack of cards and in each pack you get 6 amazing prints! These come packed at random and contain a die-cut sticker, and a menko card inside of a sealed envelope. Every pack is a chance to win magic goodness. There are 14 hidden prizes. Zine piles, globby, killer, tapir test shot, and original art are just a few of the prizes inside. So good, and to awesome to pass up!