Wednesday, December 5, 2012

8bit Ego x Kidrobot x Sneaky Snowball - UK event coverage!

We here at SpankyStokes.com do a ton of show coverage... mostly the build up before the show... and very rarely do we actually see coverage of a show after words, especially if it's happening in another part of the world. Well the folks over at a new gaming culture media company, 8bit Ego, plan on taking the UK by storm, and started out by covering Sneaky Raccoon's "Sneaky Snowball" group art show that went down at KR UK last weekend! In the above video you can really get a good sense of what the event was like... a fun one! They interview Sneaky Racoon, Podgy Panda, Cris Rose, Okkle, and Jazzy Dan (thanks for the shout out!)... about the event, who inspires them, and what to look forward to in the future. Give it a watch, and look for more videos and event coverage very soon!