Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1xRun X L'amour Supreme - Official "Basel Castle" Print

I'll be making my way to Art Basel in Miami this weekend and posting a few things from time to time amidst all my nerding and sun worshiping... Produced by The OverthrowBasel Castle is the party to be at Saturday, December 8th. (check out the video from last year above) Live painting, interactive and installations accompanied by beat stomping tunes and liquor. Not to name drop...Anthony Lister, L'amour Supreme, Buff Monster, Tara McPherson, Greg Mike, Mike Giant and Big Foot are just a few of the super talents who will present, doing what they do best.

"Basel Castle is one of the craziest parties that goes down Art Basel week here in Miami. So for this print, I just wanted to go crazy with the graphic and show what I got out of it last year and give an inkling of what it could possibly be this year. I mean I’m kind of dark, I know Basel Castle isn’t that dark, but there’s this idea where it just seems like a big crazy dark carnival/ festival type thing, so that’s what I wanted to convey, so I hope it did that." - L'Amour Supreme
L'Amour Supreme designed the official Basel Castle art print that you can get your hands on via 1XRUN. RAD. This print is a limited edition of 100. signed and numbered and is available both framed and unframed. Don't miss out!!!