Monday, November 19, 2012

"Tekh.1LL4" custom Tequilla by Nerviswr3k

Holy smokes... check out the latest custom from Gabe aka Nerviswr3k as he continues to slay these vinyl figures in his patented mechanic monster themed creations. This go around, he tackled a Muttpop Tequilla figure that he is now calling "Tekh.1LL4" for one lucky collector out there who commissioned him to create this... and needless to say, I bet that collector is supremely stoked with the way this has turned out! I love all the added sculptural elements, the head with gnarly teeth, and how can you not mention all the electronic parts... this is truly one of Nervis' best customs IMHO, and I look forward, like always, to see what's next on his plate!