Monday, November 19, 2012

Pick-a-Mix!!!!!!!!!! Ooh that's nice...

Hope you guys had a blissful weekend of nerding. I know I did. Here's some things that caught my eye... go get some shopping done!
  • I'll take my coffee brewed just like that.
    THANKS Mishka "Brewed to Destroy" mug --- $12

  • I like Piet Parra lots, looks like some goodies are about to
    drop in the Rockwell store. Go look now.

  • OOH. I like bats and black color-ways.
    Ice Bat Salt & Pepper Shaker   ---  $15

  • I really enjoyed the Bwana Spoons & Friends show 'Rollin Thunder' at cotton candy machine SO MUCH SO, I want this book. Get your's here   ---   $30