Monday, November 19, 2012

MAD's "Ruby" Mini MAD*L is the next to be released!

Jeremy "MAD" Madl teases us with this work-in-progress picture of the eleventh colorway of his unstoppable Mini MAD*L resin machine: Ruby Red. While he confirms that this will be the next colorway, there is no information of price or date of release for the 3-inch gem. We expect, like previous editions, that it will come in a gift box with a signed & numbered certificate of authenticity for $50 each and be limited to 20 copies. Though our friends at Urban Vinyl Daily are predicting that in the aftermath of the $75 etched Mini MAD*Ls that the price will be raised to $65 each. Until it's announced on Madl's artist and/or platform Twitter feeds — or appears in his online shop — there's no way to no for sure…

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