Monday, October 22, 2012

Rusted Halo spooky Halloween themed customs and original resin figures!!!

Rusted Halo has been busy creating and customizing and he shares with us today some cool new projects... all of which are up for grabs in his online store HERE! First up is the "Trick R'" Dunny skeleton custom 3" Dunny that comes with a resin skull mask. It's an edition of 5 hand painted figures, for $25 each... just in time for Halloween.

Next is the "Candy Corn" edition of his mini kaiju resin line of figures. These 4 stand at just under 2" and come as a set. They feature white/orange/yellow resin with embedded glitter. They are an edition of 5 sets, and are up for $15 per set!

Lastly, is a new resin figure dubbed the "Cyborg Serpent". These are cast in a orange and black glitter resin, stand at just over 2" tall, and come painted(left) and unpainted(right). These will also release as an edition of 5 painted and 5 unpainted, all of them will retail for $25 each!