Tuesday, May 22, 2012

STUDS Collectible Trading Cards... are not what you think they are!!!

Sooooo, I normally don't post about LEGO's persay, but I had to post about this Kickstarter project because our friend Brandon Griffith is a cool dude, and has contributed to the designer toy community in more ways than one... so why not pimp out his project, right?!?! now that we got that outta the way, have you ever wondered who makes those incredible Lego models you see in the news and on the Internet? Now you can find out in the new STUDS collectible trading card set which profiles the men and women who use Lego to build incredible original sculptures!

Each card features the image of an amazing Lego creation on the front and info about the work and artist on the back. STUDS has some more exciting surprises in store for their supporters as the project continues, so please check all the details, watch for updates, and grab your own set of Series 1 STUDS trading cards HERE!