Friday, March 2, 2012

Simon de Pury wants to help you get a MASSIVE Sucklord collection.

The above picture is for an undeniably massive Sucklord collection that Phillip de Pury Actions has currently available. This one-off lot includes 78 items: 70 of Sucklord's classic resin figures, 2 of his vinyl casts, 4 photographs and 2 copies of the Suckadelic catalogs. Holy… but wait, is that a completely exclusive, one-of-a-kind Simon de Pury "Black Suit" figure? Yes, it is!

The auction closes on March 8th, so interested parties should bid HERE quickly… though bear in mind that this massive lot has an auction estimate between $6000 and $8000. But if you just want the Simon de Pury figure in his classic blue suit (also included in the auction), then you can grab one HERE from the Sucklord himself.