Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jan Calleja's custom Mini Munny is A-MAZE-ING!

Jan Calleja crafted this 4"-tall Mini Munny custom — entitled the "Munny Cooper" — for the "Munnyfestation: Custom Munny Show" that ran from Dec. 17th to Jan. 7th at the Blanc Compound in the Philippines. Calleja always brings the "wow" with his customs, but this one is… well… beyond; it is a serious piece of craftsmanship, requiring creativity and talent to have been made. You can view various WIP pics of this project HERE, which will leave your mouth agape from what it took to put this seamlessly together. The head is a kit-bash of a mini die-cast, which was then sculpted upon to allow the hood scoop and bigger front grill… and that's just how the head started! The amount of work and sculpting to generate this wonderful final product was certainly worth it. Needless to say: wow!

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