Monday, February 20, 2012

Amazing Online Charity Auction with Audrey Kawasaki, Olly Moss, Julie West and more!

Jakarta or Bust is a duo trying to finance entering an auto-rickshaw charity race (organized by The Adventurists) across 1800 miles of South East Asia. Right now, you're wondering how you can help, right? Okay, you're actually wondering what this has to do with art… well, some pretty top name talent artists have donated pieces to help raise money for the duo's rickshaw racing dreams.

That's right, on eBay right now you can bid on: 3 original framed drawings by Audrey Kawasaki, Olly Moss's sold out Super Mario Bros. print, prints by Julie West, an original drawing by Reece Hobbins, a print by Tiphanie Brooke, Ken Garduno's original framed painting, an original knit sculpture by Emily Stoneking, an original framed cyanotype by Kari-Lise Alexander, prints by Pat Smith, a Dwayne Clare print, and pieces of jewelry by Maeling Linh.

You can view all the pieces in the auction and bid on them in the Jakarta or Bust eBay store.