Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Designer-Con 2011: SpankyStokes


SpankyStokes.com is proud to announce that we are going to have a booth for the 4th year in a row now at Designer-Con (booth #324) and for those of you who are new to this convention... over at SS.com we treat it as "Our" convention, meaning we save up all year and go all out for YOU (hopefully all you who have been can back me up on this). We will be doing giveaways at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm and we have some AMAZING stuff this year donated by so many awesome companies including DKE, Super7 Time Bandits, Tenacious Toys, Plaseebo, Kidrobot, Fugitive Toys, Round 5, Nemo, Bad Applez Inc., Lift, Lulubell Toys, Grody Shogun, Kuso Vinyl, TSURT, Artransmitte, ESC Toys, Art Attack Toys, Dragatomi, La Muerta, Smash Tokyo Toys, TYO Toys, iCovers4u, Toy2R, JazzyDan, Blacklist Studios and others to be announced very soon! Oh and when I say a giveaway, I don't just mean one item, I am talking Tons of items!

At our booth we will also have on display customs by a ton of artist including: Nebulon5, Jay222, DrilOne, Nathan Hamill, Motorbot, Eckotyper, Ardabus Rubber, Josh"f+"Pearce, Leecifer, ValleyDweller, Plastic Booty and many others! We will also have our exclusive "Obsidian" Ozomahtli's for just $60... a special con price, as well as a handful of "Beat Up" Borracho's that have a little wear and tear... and have just not been polished up... these are only $25!!

Oh... a few more things, we will be trying to live stream again this year if the internet gods cooperate with us (Click HERE for our channel) and we will also be bringing back our life-sized SS.com mascot at the event, so at least stop by and take your picture with our 8' tall "Stroll"!


Designer-Con 2011: Motorbot's custom Ozomahtli's

So not only did Motorbot create and send over a ton of his resin creations (posted HERE) under his sub company of Dead Bear Studios, but he also contacted me for a couple "Obsidian" Ozomahtli's to customize... and that he did! Above are the two he created, one is a sick looking "Ruin" edition that features a stone texture covered in moss, and the other is a "Metallic" ancient alien version that features multiple layers of eye catching colors really utilizing the lines of this already awesome figure! Both of these will be up for grabs for $110 a piece at the SpankyStokes.com booth #324... don't miss the opportunity to get one of these!

Kozik's "Crusty" the snowman Dunny from Kidrobot

Frank Kozik takes the throne this year for Kidrobot's special Chirstmas Dunny release and it's a good one! Titled "Crusty" Dunny, this smorkin 3" Dunny come with a top hat, carrot nose, booze bottle, and cigarette. Oh, and just like Kidrobot's previous holiday releases, there is also a chase version that features just the head in a melted pile snow... and your chances of getting it are pretty good seeing as the ratio is 1 in 6! This is set to drop TOMORROW, November 3, 2011 at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com and select retailers, for $11.95 a pop!

Designer-Con 2011: Zombiemonkie

D-Con is approaching fast... only 3 days away... and Mikie Graham is excited to unveil what he has in store for the show. This year for the first time ever Mikie will be splitting booth #208 with long time creative partners Blamo Toys. Along with the collection of custom toys that you would expect Mikie to bring with him, he has put together several surprises for the show. From a special release of his self made 40 page photobook, the sale of his remaining Z.A.P. figures, to an exclusive colorway of his newest Yokaiju resin figure "Chochinobake". The exclusive "Ectoplasmic GID green" edition is limited to only 5 in existence and will sell for a mere $60. As with the previous two Chochionbake releases, this colorway was designed, sculpted, and painted by Mikie and was graciously molded and poured by Motorbot of Deadbear studios- truly a great collaboration!

What else can you expect from booth #208? Well Mikie will be bringing a massive collection of open box mini figures to sell! That's right, this long time collector is trimming down his collection and getting rid of literally HUNDREDS of his personal display figures. These figures typically come without packaging but with prices ranging from $5-15, this is a great way for beginning collectors to pick up some old and rare Mini figures at a great price and without the hassle of blind box pulling.

Source[Zombiemonkie Press]

Designer-Con 2011: Jay222

This year for Designer-Con, artist Jay222 has pulled out all the stops... creating some amazing one-off custom pieces as well as sculpting and casting some collab pieces... which brings me to the first of many pieces I want to touch on. Jay teamed up with DrilOne to create a really great 3D sculpted graff inspired tag... that reads DrilOne and Jay222. Jay goes onto tell us that "This piece came to idea at the end of D-Con last year. Dril and I were talking as we had just got done watching our friends do live painting. We thought it would be dope, if next year we came with a sculpted piece that we could attach to the canvas and paint. So, D-Con is upon us once again, and we are bringing our piece that we collabed on."... a great idea! Not only is this piece for the canvas, but they will be available at the Dragatomi booth for sale... and in a multitude of different colors, shades, and hand-paints!