Monday, October 24, 2011

Designer-Con 2011: Nebulon5 exclusives

Hey all you crazy kaiju kids... have we got something special for you at this year's Designer-Con, and above is a nice little taste, as we teamed up with the massive talent known as Nebulon5 to deliver some goods via the SS.com booth! As you can see from the above shot, Mike aka Nebulon5 left no stone unturned when it came to what he decided to apply his super smooth paint stylings to, and if you have not seen his work in person and are planning on coming to Designer-Con on November 5th... you are in for a serious treat!

I was able to catch up with Mike this past weekend, drop off a few vinyl pieces I picked up for him from NYCC, and asked if I could film him 'doing his thing' on em... and he said "let's go for it"! So above is a quick little video that I threw together showcasing Nebulon5's skills on a "Monster" vinyl figure from Lulubell Toys x Grody Shogun... and needless to say, the end result is stunning!!! This piece, the others above, as well as many more, will be up for grabs at D-Con... oh, and Mike will be in attendance as well so you can pick his brain, get sketches, or just say hello! Hit the jump for more photos!

Designer-Con 2011: "Skin Deep" by Scott Wilkowski

Ever since I first became privy to the work of Scott Wilkowski... I have been a HUGE fan... this dude has unprecedented skills when it comes to cleanliness, and production of resin figures... whether it's his own work or commissioned work, it's amazing! Most recently he has been busy putting skulls, skeletons and creepy creatures inside his favorite designer toys, and for the fist stop of his traveling art show dubbed "Skin Deep" he infects Buff Monster’s “Buff Monster” for $100, Luke Chueh’s “Possessed” for $300, Frank Kozik’s “Labbit” for $150, October Toys “Gwin” for $50 , Suckadelic’s “Sucklord” for $100, and Scott Tolleson’s “Otis & Otto” for $50. The show will premiere November 5th at the 2011 Designer Con... so all who are attending are in for a serious treat!

Scott Wilkowski, Buff Monster, Luke Chueh, George and Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys, The Sucklord and Scott Tolleson will all be attendance at Designer Con. Frank Kozik is a maybe, but nevertheless, there will be a photo opportunity and signing at 3pm at the DKE Toys booth with all attending artists. Each of the six hand-cast resin editions will be limited to 25 pieces of two different colors each (50 total of each style). Due to the labor-intensive process of hand making each piece, only 10 of each colorway will be available for purchase at Designer Con. Following the debut, Skin Deep will travel to Lulubell Toy Bodega in Mesa, Arizona (December 9th – December 30th) and then to Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon (February 23rd – March 25th)... so if you can't make Dcon, be sure not to miss the other venues!

"Crook ED the Cop" custom Qee by Ian Ziobrowski

Check out this ugly guy :-) well, not really... it's more awesome than ugly as artist Ian Ziobrowski created an epic 16" Custom Qee titled "Crook ED the Cop" for the Toy2R/Tenacious Toys booth at NYCC 2011! For those you don't know this fella, well guess what... you don't wanna know him. Running into "Crook ED" might leave your pockets empty or have you sleeping on a cold urine scented floor for the night. But if you want, you can purchase him right now HERE through the Tenacious Toys website!

Designer-Con 2011: Gumpy exclusives

In less than 2 weeks Designer-Con will be here and everyone is starting to roll out and reveal their exclusives for this event... and the Gumpy is excited to announce a few of his own for the con. First up is the super limited Gumpy "Guerilla" truck, where he has teamed up with the folks over at TYO Toys to release this small, edition of 5 piece, Dcon 2011 exclusive for only $12.99.

Up next is the Gumpy "Kuz G-rider" edition, limited to only 5 pieces... and seen HERE on SS.com for the first time a few weeks back for a great contest! This is an exclusive to D-con 2011 and will be blind bagged... what will you get... well, a multitude of color options just like what the picture above shows! These are just $49... a rocking deal for a solid, handcast, handpainted resin figure!