Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NYCC 2011: Greg and Fake

New to the whole designer toy scene, and previewed over HERE a little while back artists Greg and Fake had on display their awesome assortment of hand drawn art... all of which was done on cardboard, and was super stylized! They also had up on display/sale their new resin cat figure... the Rick Ross "Necklace Man" Plastic Cat which came fully packaged for $10 a pop... in a multitude of colors as well! It was really great to meet these super talented artists, and I look forward to seeing more from them in the very near future! Hit the jump for more pics!

NYCC 2011: Fugitive Toys

Last time we spotted Nelson, owner of Fugitive Toys, was at SDCC 2011... and just like his booth there, the one he had setup during NYCC was popping off every time I walked by! He not only had designer toys and vinyl, but he mixed it up with more commonly found goods at toy stores giving all who stopped by many options to pick and choose whatever they wanted to buy... and buy they did! Fugitive Toys also had some really nice display cases of toys that had just been released... a great visual for passers-by! It was great to see the enthusisiam that this booth always had... spreading toy joy is a beautiful thing :-) Hit the jump for more pictures of Fugitive Toys booth!

NYCC 2011: Erick Scarecrow of ESC Toys

Every year I am always so intrigued with he booth that Erick Scarecrow of ESC Toys sets up as he has soooooo many releases, some of which are announced a few days before the convention... but he holds off a ton to be surprises for all con goers! This was totally the case this year as Erick brought everything but the kitchen sink to show off (maybe he had it in the back actually) and I gotta say that having each cabinet filled with his figures, all lit up nice and good... wow did they all look fantastic! Whether it was resin or vinyl each piece had it's own unique characteristic... making it no wonder why they are so sought after! Get ready ESC Toy fans, the end of this year is going to be epic and 2012 shows no signs of slowing down! Hit the jump for some close ups of all the figures! It was a pleasure to see your smiling face once again Erick and keep bringing the heat :-)

Lullubell and Friends @ Cotton Candy Machine

One of the things I look forward to every convention is the after parties, which inevitably in most cases also means exclusive releases, and in the case of Cotton Candy Machine's "Lulubell and Friends" show... there were tons of exclusives to be had! The really cool thing about this show is that it featured exclusive Cotton Candy Machine colorway releases from Lullubell, Lullubell Japan, Cherry Vinyl, Grody Shogun, Velocitron, Paul Kaiju, Skinner and more! It was also the debut of Tara McPherson's 'George' resin figure by Cherry Vinyl in a super limited edition of 6 in a luscious turquoise! Tons of people made their way down from NYCC for this event, and all in all it was a ton of fun! Tara and Sean's little shop was the perfect place to hold this event, and be on the lookout HERE very soon for the rest of those exclusives to pop up for sale! Hit the jump for more pictures!

MAQET x Scott Tolleson - "Bernie Cotton"

Last weekend, the folks over at OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago hosted "Le Petit Monstres" a show which featured new works by Scott Tolleson, Abe Lincoln jr. and Patricio Oliver! Well, at the show Scott revealed for the first time his new figure from the awesome 3D plastin printing company MAQET and just recently these 3 figures went up for sale HERE via the MAQET webstore! Introducing 'BERNIE', who stands 4" tall, and comes in 3 different variations... "Bernie Argh", "Bernie FroWolf", and "Bernie Cotton OG"... all of which are $35 a pop or you can snag the entire set for just $90, which by the way includes free shipping! I really dig the look of these little fellas, and the shape fits Scott's aesthetic very well!

NYCC 2011: Clutter Magazine's Booth/Afterparty

Clutter Magazine was in full effect this year at NYCC 2011, not only selling their awesome magazine, but pimping out some new stuff including a limited run of hand made plush "Coralmari" by Lana 'Plushinator' Crooks, and the debut of their resin "Toy Prince" figure designed by Pete Fowler and based on the dazzling golden “Toy King” trophy exclusively for winners of the The Designer Toy Awards, this vinyl version pays homage to the award but is not an exact replica... oh and each one was customized by artists during the con... AWESOME!

They also had an amazing after party that revealed their "Toy Prince" figure and allowed fans and artists alike to mingle in a loose social atmosphere... enhanced by adult beverages... needless to say it was a smashing good time, and it was the first time I got to meet Jon-Paul Kaiser (photo above)! Oh, not to mention they had some fantastic on site coverage as well... really great to read and watch the video they did. Head on over HERE now and give em a gander, and please click through for more photos not only from their booth, but from their awesome afterparty as well!
Clutter's booth at NYCC

Afterparty pics :-)

NYCC 2011: Brent Nolasco

MyPlasticHeart played host to a ton of signings during NYCC 2011 and one of the artists I caught up with was the super talented Brent Nolasco! I just caught the tail end of him sketching and signing for fans and by that point, all of his custom Leroy C. figures were sold out and he just had a few prints available for purchase... needless to say, work from Brent is is high demand! I also hit him up to do some sketching for me, and to the left is his interpretation of the SS.com 'Stroll' mascot... epic!!! Look for more of those artist 'Stroll' renderings to pop up here shortly, oh and if you ever see me around town and wanna do one yerself... let me know :-)

NYCC 2011: Bob Conge of Plaseebo

It looks like I am going to be saying this alot in conjunction with all of my posts for NYCC, but boy was it great to finally meet Bob Conge of Plaseebo! Not to demean Bob in anyway by saying this but, this man has been doing art longer than the majority of us have been alive, and he has made a super successful career out of it... most recently in the last decade with his amazing hand crafted resin/vinyl toys! I caught Bob at the Sidekick Labs and The Art Hustle booth where he was signing and sketching some original art cards, and he had some of his fantastic creatures on hand as well! What a pleasure to finally meet man, and hopefully we can meet up in the near future! Hit the jump for more pictures.

NYCC 2011: "Bitsumo" the resin Sumo by DaiBot

Another first for me... I was able to meet up with Dai Tran aka DaiBot, the man behind the resin "Bitsumo" figure... and I gotta say this guy is top notch! Not only is he a cool guy, but a fantastic artist as well and his Sumo resin figure turned out awesome! During the convention he had a limited edition of two versions available for purchase, "Original" and "Dark" and are all 100% hand cast in resin by lead toy maker at Mcfarlane Toys, Mike Gulen (pictured above with Dai)... who just so happened to stop by and drop off the larger 8" version of this rad looking figure. Each figure, even the smaller 4" tall versions pack quite a punch with 7 articulated parts and hand tied Mawashis! These are legit little pieces of art and I am sure the remainder of them will be up for grabs online very soon! Hit the jump for more pictures!

NYCC 2011: Art Whino

So if you hit up the Cultyard this year you would have seen the most happening corner for all 4 days during the convention... the Art Whino booth! This was seriously the most happening spot where Shane and his lovely wife put together an insane group of artists to attend the convention, which included: Angry Woebots, Jim Mahfood, J*RYU, Kano, Lamour Supreme, Lou Pimentel, Jeremiah Ketner, Pixel Pancho, Marka 27, and Skinner... to not only do live painting for all 4 days, but there were signings, print releases, custom toys, and just an all around excellent vibe that helped breath life into the Cultyard. It was so awesome to just walk by there sporadically throughout each day to see what progress had been made on the pieces... and there was always such a huge crowd of onlookers watching the live painting. Artist Jryu even did some live sculpting on the spot with some 3" Dunny's and then proceeded to hide each one in the convention hall - available to anyone who found them! I took a ton of photos, so hit the jump to see them all... and I hope to see Art Whino at other conventions in the near future!