Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Catball Eats It All" shirt pre-order from NoseGo

Artist NoseGo has been slaving away the past few months as he has been working on a video game for iPhone and Android platforms under the title "Catball Eats It All"... oh, and the game is created entirely by paintings to feel as a playable piece of art... pretty awesome!!!! To help with the launch of the game, NoseGo just launched the Catball T-shirt for pre-sale HERE, and what a silly shirt that is :-) Snag it up now, and look good rockin yer new threads!!!

TaskOne SUPER sale!!!!!

TaskOne is moving... what does that mean for all of you, well it means some super smoking deals as he is trying to lighten his load. Task has accumulated some amazingly rare, hard to find vinyl pieces, and has them up in his store HERE right now and will be posting some more over the next day or so! He also notes that the sale will only be going on for 5 days, so if you see something, pull the trigger!

Eldercut's BUCUR figure... finally complete!

Do you all recall the WIP shot we posted HERE of Romanian based group Eldercut's new figure titled "Bucur"... well they have worked out all the kinks and are proud to announce that it is finally complete and will be up for grabs via their website HERE very soon! This figure combines organic and geometric elements, human and animal traits as it stands over 8" tall, and has multiple points of articulation. There is no word on a price point yet, or how limited they will be, but be on the lookout for that info to drop very soon!

"Stěny" paper toys from baykiddead

Paper toy artist baykiddead just sent over some great info about his latest series of designs that he came up with... and the best part is they are up for grabs FREE via his website to download and make! This series is called "Stěny" which is Czech for "The Walls"... and according to him was the original idea behind this concept, a paper toy that could serve as a wall for design. He has already created a whole slew of designs, all of which can be downloaded HERE, so if you feel like getting crafty, go now and get yer paper toy making on!!!

*REVIEW* Bitbot Jinny 'Bigtop' by Jon Burgerman

As part of our ongoing LIVE video review series, we had the opportunity to crack open the new Bitbots figure... which is called Jinny "Bigtop" an was doodled on designed by Jon Burgerman! The new 6" Jinny was released on August 1st, 2011 and is limted to only 500 pieces worldwide. Jon Burgerman describes Jinny Bigtop as: "Human brains get weighed down with all the things they're trying not to think and obsess about; Did I leave the gas on? Will I have enough money to pay the rent and buy LA Noir this weekend? What will happen if the Sun explodes? Why are Curly Wurlys getting smaller? Sometimes you have to sip your over priced, unethically sourced mochafrappacapoeirachino and smile through it all. Give up the anxiety and take your Bigtop to the circus, they have clowns and dancing bears."

I really enjoyed the design of the character that Jon created, but the jury is still out on shape of this figure... simply put, it's really unique! That being said this is the first design that I really think works on this figure, the loose nature of Jon's art works perfect! Please take a few minutes and watch the above video so you can get a feel for what this figure is all about... and if it tickles your fancy head on over to the Bitbot's site HERE to snag this up. While you are there you can grab some Series Zero 3" Jinny's as well... we touched on them in the video too! Oh and keep yours eyes out for a giveaway soon as we are going to be giving all that you see in this review away to one luck SS.com reader!

PinkGhost artist series three "Artist Chubby Books"

Pinkghost will be releasing the brand-spanking-new Artist Chubby Books Series 3 on Friday, September 16, 2011... and if you recall the last two series', you know that these are some quality books!!!! Each 6"x6"x2" hardcover Chubby Book includes 10 colorful postcards from pop-culture's most imaginative new artists nestled between 250 pages (100 lined pages + 150 sketch pages) for you to fill with sketches, journal entries, shopping lists, or whatever you like. NEW artists participating in the Pinkghost Chubby Books Series 3 include Kukula, Danny Brito, and Allison Cole. Pick up your favorite design or collect them all! With the exciting world of Kukula, 50's fashion bombshells by Danny Brito, and the circus antics of Allison Cole, there is something for everyone!

Source[PinkGhost Press]

"Nobody Cares Bears" custom Rooz set by Hoasker

We posted up this EPIC custom Qee a few weeks back from UK artist Hoasker, and today he passed over this really cool set of custom Kidrobot Munny World 'Rooz' figures that he is calling the "Nobody Cares Bears". All of them different, painted with spray paint and acrylics, looking sorry for themselves and in need of a caring surface to sit on! Hoasker tells us that they are up for grabs right now HERE in his online store and each one comes signed and numbered on the base. These are very well done, and at the rate and quality of the work that this guy keeps pumping out, you might want to snag up one of these because he may be going big time very soon :-)

"AssassinBot" custom Qee's by TyleR Coey

We posted up HERE a while back about Custom Toy Union and Toy2R's awesome lineup of 12 artists for "Assassin's Series 2"... and today we are getting a look at what artist TyleR Coey completed for this series! Titled "AssassinBot", Tyler first did an ink drawing, scanned, colored, and printed out a set of designed stickers with the characters face where he then masked and painted each in a distressed army green motif... and as you can see, the above result is awesome! These are set to drop this Sunday, August 28th 2011 in the CTU store for only $40 each, and not only can you have a chance at the above design, but you get a crack at designs by so many other artists including: Ardabus Rubber, B.A.L.D., Fried Gold Productions, Fuller Designs, Hugh Rose, Jay222, Matcandraw, The Model Maker, Mr. Munk, Rocketboy, and Rsin.