Sunday, February 27, 2011

*RECAP* Mark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Group Show opening @ Toy Art Gallery

Living close to Los Angeles, it's really just a hop, skip, jump away from San Diego so I try to make it up there as much as possible for all the amazing art shows that happen pretty much every weekend. This weekend was a pretty special one, seeing as Toy Art Gallery hosted Mark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Group Show!The show featured customs on Mark's amazingly cool Alien Argus figure, and each artist put their own individual spin on the once blank figure... and what a diverse group of customs! To be honest this figure has really grown on me over time, and seeing all of these fantastic customs only solidified my want... for all of them :-)

There were sculpted on figures, completely reworked/transformed figures, and basic kaiju paint jobs completed by artists from around the globe. Notables such as Mark Nagata, Nebulon5, Dustin Cantrell, ToyBot Studios, MonstreHero, UhOhToys, and others were on hand to show off their rad customs they completed for this show. There was a huge crowd that came through to check out the art, all in the meantime "red dots" started to appear on tags... making it a great night! Those that did not sell are now available online HERE, which by the way there are customs to fit every budget. Hit the jump for a complete photo slide show from the event, and if you did not make it out last night, be sure to stop by the gallery as this show will be up until March 26th, 2011.

ESC Eggcore custom

Eric Scarecrow just sent over a custom piece that he completed a few months ago, and most have not seen pictures until now. This is a custom Eggcore "Mecha Rabbit" form from 909toy.com which was on display in Shanghai at the "Heavy Party" in November 2010. The piece in the raw form is super impressive, but Eric took this one step further sculpting the rabit figure along with that rad clear resin flame/cloud/foot thing... seriously impressive work!

Rotund Mk2 resin robot's by Cris Rose

Rotund Mk2 is a 4" original resin robot by Cris Rose, featuring 3 interchangeable heads. Timed for the second anniversary of the original Rotund's release in 2009, two colorways will be made available March 2nd... and to celebrate not only the release, but a new camera as well, Cris put together a really great video that you see below showcasing the figures :-)

Rotund Edition A (run of 12) is priced at $85 plus shipping, and Rotund 2 Year Anniversary pack (run of 5 Rotunds and 5 Radcliffe Sprogs) is priced at $140 plus shipping Both colorways will be available on Wednesday March 2nd @ 18:00 London time via Cris webstore HERE.

Source[CrisRose Press]

Hamill x Hitree "Boris" Hoodies

It's been quite some time... in act it was Designer-Con 2010 since we last saw these cool hoodies from Nathan Hamill that featured his "Boris" character... ears and all :-) Well now Hitree, the company behind making them, is taking pre-orders at $80 a pop. Go get your raccoon on... literally!

*RECAP* Leecifer & Paul Kaiju show @ Super7

As the threat of snow loomed yesterday in the bay area, the cold could not hold back the crowds last night during the opening of Leecifer and Paul Kaiju's 2 man show at Super7... in fact a ton of folks rolled out to check out the awesome amount of work these two artists put together, and thanks to DrilOne we have all these pictures from the event. Each artist brought their best game with a ton of one-off creations, from vinyl/resin to even og paintings. The super colorful aray of works from these two looked really impressive making it a show where everyone could find something they could go home with.

So not only was this event the debut of Super7's newest Monster Family figure, Leecifers "Honoo" flame figure, but Paul also brought along his 'unpicked' submission for the MF the "Seagool"... where he had a trick up his sleeve. Previously he showed this figure with one head, but the actual figure featered a two-headed gool who had a pecking order all to his own as one of the heads had his eye pecked out! Paul also brought along some of his "Boss Carrion" vinyl figures, and an amazing sculpted "dissected-Partyball"... so cool. Lee brougt along an arsenal of goodies as well which included custom painted vintage banks, mashed up characters, and a whole slew of custom Super7 pieces! What is left, I am sure not much, will be up in the Super7 online store in the next few days! Great show guys! Hit the jump for a full slide show.

Black Hole Mongrol figure from 3A on sale today

3A is releasing their Mongrol figure today. Mongrol is a collaboration with 2000AD comic's and while we've seen the standard version we now have a image of the limited bambaland exclusive edition shown above. The exclusive "Blackhole Edition" will go on sale today (sunday) at 5 P.M. pacific time only at bambaland. While both retailers and bambaland will have the regular Mongrol edition shown previously. Mongrol is priced at $250 for both versions.
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