Thursday, May 5, 2011

Green and Yellow "Fuluto's" from TobyHK x Kuso Vinyl

Back in May of 2010 we posted up some wax prototypes of what then were called "Skunny" a new figure from TobyHK being produced by Kuso Vinyl... a few months later we found out that TobyHK's new figure was being called "Fuluto" and today we are seeing more progress shots of this 4" tall quirky rabbit looking vinyl figure.

According to Kuso, this will see the light of day this Summer and will, if the prints above are any indication, include 6 different figures... all different colors with different traits on their head, like the "Green" version has a bone, and the "Yellow" versions has a lightning bolt! More on this as soon as it develops, but what are your thoughts on the new figure from TobyHK?