Monday, January 24, 2011

Soft vinyl made in the USA...

The internet has been buzzing the past few weeks, especially in the vinyl community as Buff Monster has been spearheading a twitpic campaign showing off vinyl figures being made in the USA. This is through a new company named 'Veracious Vinyl' and as you can see from the above pictures... they know what they are doing. I first saw work from this company back at Designer-Con 2010 as Buff showed a few test pulls of a vinyl figure, where it was still pretty rough at that point.

Things have progressed at an exponential rate, and the top picture of the colored Buff Monster w/ automotive glitter is what we were treated to a few weeks back... fast forward to today and Buff showed off these amazingly crystal clear/glass like pulls... and wow do they look good, and it's tough to tell from the pictures, but these are completely seamless, bubble free... and amazing!!!! There is sooo much potential here, and I look forward to following the progress of this.