Monday, January 10, 2011

Retailer exclusive HEAVY BRAMBLES from 3A

Ashley Wood just revealed two pictures of the awesomely HUGE retailer exclusive Heavy Bramble MK 2.5. These two monsters dubbed the "African Def Freiheit" and "Cydonia Western Def" stand a whopping 14" tall, 10" wide, are fully articulated and come with a 21.5" RPG... it's rather large. There is no price for the retailer Heavy Brambles mentioned yet, but you can expect it to be somewhere around 280$ + shipping. Look for these to drop very shortly... and expect a very high demand. Oh and if you need a size comparison on how big that RPG is... click through for a rad shot taken from Toybot Studios as the picture shows that the weapon is the perfect size for a 3 year old :-)