Friday, December 10, 2010

Nathan Jurevicious Book Release & Signing

Words by Pretty Poopie • Photos by ADDEccentric

Recently Nathan Jurevicious returned to his former home city of Toronto to promote his book, “Scary Girl”. Art and vinyl concept store, Magic Pony held a special book signing event for him on Saturday, November 20th from 2-5PM. Fans ranging from six-years old to couples in their mid-30s were in attendance. Nathan took his time chatting with each fan that lined up to meet him while he personalized every single book with illustrations he drew on the spot.

Sitting on either side of him were his two children, also with pencils and paper in hand, doodling away. His daughter even gave him a run for his money when she drew her own version of Scary Girl in record speed! Fans who attended the event were also able to preview the new “Scarygirl” XBox game, which is still in the works.