Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jeff Lamm's "M5 Bravo" clay prototype, new Greasebat art prints, and news galore!

There have been alot of things going on in the life of artist Jeff Lamm as of late... and he is welcoming all of it with open arms. One of the big news items is the success and the future releases of his Greasebat figure as he states that "The release runs will be larger so everybody that wants one can get one."! He is also proud to announce that his new figures "M5 BRAVO" & "STEE-GAR" are moving along nicely and should see the first release in a couple of weeks, and to celebrate he is showing off the above shot of his "M5 BRAVO" figure in its raw clay prototype form... remember these figures are split into 3-parts and will be interchangeable... so RAD!

Also Jeff finished up some really cool gouache paintings that are up for sale in his store HERE right now. There is a whole variety of them and feature his Greasebat figure as well as his new upcoming figure M5 Bravo!