Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Greasebat vs. Ultra-Pop" Jeff Lamm's solo show

Alright... so it really does not get much better than an art show featuring a giant bat like creature with a little punk rock attitude, and that is exactly what you can expect from Jeff Lamm's upcoming show titled "Greasebat vs. Ultra-Pop" at Ultra-Pop Gallery as he will be bringing along a special "Kentucky Bluegrass" version of his rad Greasebat figure that Jeff states looks like blue play-doh (I doctored up the picture to the left to resemble what I think it will look like)! There are only going to be 15 pieces at the show and will retail for around $65-$75 and the rest of this color will be up on the Monster Worship site at a later date! Jeff will also have other works including 50 new screen prints on woodblocks, 4 original paintings and a selection of unreleased screen prints, some t-shirts and a couple of gig posters with Greasebat art! Be sure to head on out this Friday, August 6th for what is going to be an awesome show.

1414 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, Kentucky.

KAWS Chogokin Dissected Companion 200% Bearbrick

Toyqube just announced that they are now carrying and have in stock the massive Medicom Kaws Chogokin Dissected Companion 200% Bearbrick! This beast is made of multiple metal parts and ball joints, allowing for the toy to be much more movable. I have never held one of these in person but Keith fro Toyqube states that they can assure you that they feel much more premium than your regular Bearbrick. Go grab one HERE right now for only $149.00!

"Chapter One" The Confrontation - Rohby vs Phuek at MPH 07/30/2010

Well "Chapter One" The Confrontation came and went at myplasticheart last weekend, as two of today's most talented customizers, Rohby and Phu, showed off some awesome customs, and wow are they all fantastic! Both artists took the Munny platform and created furutistic mech creations that were ready for battle! Most of the pieces were snatched up at the opening, but there are still a few available from each artist via the MPH online store HERE, and if you live in or around the New York area, be sure to stop by the gallery as this show is up until August 15th!

210 Forsyth St.
Lower East Side New York

Kusopop "Spiki Lee" shirt giveaway...

Kuso Vinyl just recently launched their sub-company Kusopop and they are having a giveaway on their site to celebrate and draw attention to what awesome products they have to offer! Up for grabs right now is the "Spiki Lee"shirt designed by Nakanari. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment and you contact email under there post HERE, and be sure your following them on Twitter HERE... simple enough right?!?! They will draw the winner on August 9th, so what are you waiting for, head on over to their site now.

"GLORIOUS BLOOD" Beat Up Boxer... teaser!

Just posted today is a new teaser of Brian Harsanto aka Breeanz's newest colorway for his rad BEAT UP BOXER figure... and it is BLOOD RED! Sometime simplicity is the most dramatic and in this case, the all red figure with that high gloss finish almost makes my mouth water! Above is all we know right now, and full info and artwork about this version coming soon!

3A 1:1 full size Square unboxed video

For many 3A fans the ultimate collectible is the 1:1 square that was for sale at the Beijing show and while many are awaiting their shipments to arrive a few people got together and posted up this great unboxing video. Described below...

"The ultimate unboxing video: Ashley Wood's 1:1 Squares (Square²) by ThreeA at the 2010 Beijing Gathering. Music by The Analog Girl. Color grading and motion GFX by Marc Campbell (DuckfisH). SFX by Kenn Delbridge of Splice Studios. Special thanks to Ash and Kim!"

Invisible Creature X Super7 vinyl figure announced!

Design powerhouse, and hard rockers, Invisible Creature just announced an awesome collaboration between themselves and the amazing Super7 toy company as they have just unveiled a sweet looking silhouette of their first designer vinyl figure. This is really exciting news as I have been a fan of IC for years not only for their design, but also for their music as these two brothers behind the design studio are part of one of my favorite bands of all time, Demon Hunter!!! I look forward to the full reveal of this, and word on the street is that the figure is slated to drop in December!

*UPDATE* after browsing around at some of IC designs I ran across a shirt design for Grain Edit that had this little guy on the left... which looks surprisingly familiar :-) This could just be coincidence, but time will be the determining factor in this mystery,

Zipits Zipper Pulls from Kidrobot

Kidrobot just announced another mini-project and it's coming to us in the form of cute keychains. These are from UK-based designer Mielo and they are being called "Zipits". These are going to be released via blindbox and will have 36 different designs, which will be super affordable seeing as they are only $2.95 a pop. Look for these to drop this August, 2010!

Julianna Swaney art show at the Blackbird Attic

[BA PRESS] Blackbird Attic, a consignment boutique in Beacon, N.Y., is hosting an art show featuring artist Julianna Swaney. The show, entitled "Runaways", will open on Saturday, August 7 at 6pm and will run until September 4. Opening night will feature music, appetizers and wine until 9pm. Swaney, who currently lives in Portland, Oregon, grew up in rural Michigan. Her childhood was spent playing in the woods behind her home, an activity that cultivated her love for animals. Since receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from the Maine College of Art in 2005, Swaney has shown her work in cities nationwide, from Los Angeles to New York City.

Julianna says "I'm very inspired by old prints, illustrations and ephemera, like postcards, I have nostalgia for a time when people wore hats." Her artwork usually consists of pencil and watercolor on paper and reflects her interest in nature, magic and history. This art show furthers Blackbird Attic's objective to contribute to the growing arts scene in Beacon.

3A and Ashley Wood reveal Heavy Bramble 2.5


Images courtesy of Ashley Wood, and 3A forum members Ennui and Bajo-Ninja

For many people in the vinyl scene there is no greater toy company than 3A. And in most cases the only regret I've ever heard is the lament of not finding Ashley Woods bots sooner, usualy do to the pure awesome that is the first years production toys that are now very pricey on the secondary market. But for these people and those who may just now be finding 3A or Ashley Woods, at least they have a shot at what will sure to become the new legendary bots of tomorrow.

With that we introduce the WWR 1:6 Heavy Bramble. This thing is a hulking mass of cool. Standing at a impressive 14.5 in he carries a huge rpg launcher. So far he's shown in two colorways Grave Digger and Dawns Blade (pink). Priced at $280 and unlike other 3A items sold these are already in production and have a set limit so order quickly. These will be for sale Thursday Aug. 11, at 6 p.m. Pacific time. at bambaland. More details to come.



Coarse Toys "False Friends the Sun Age"

The sheer amazing detail and passion is released once again as Coarse Toys is set to release yet another unbelievable figure set... "False Friends the Sun Age" is limited to 88 pieces and was exclusively available at San Diego Comic Convention and via Coarse HKG. Rotofugi was the first to sell their 44 piece batch at the Con and they went fast, and now Coarse is set to release their 44 pieces for around $515.00 on Friday, August 6, 4pm Hong Kong Time, or 1am PST :-) ! This set includes their Noop figure (human) muffled in his cuddly soft fur suit and his false friend PAW (rabbit being)! These two stand 13" tall and are made from the highest quality vinyl, which come safely packed in soft sponge and delivered in a glossy wooden screen-printed box! These are surely going to move fast so be sure to set your alarm for the above time, and best of luck!

"Shady Characters" artist profile: Toby Stanger

Today, we have our sixth of seven artist profile/interviews thanks to Brian Colin as he sends us this exclusive sit-down with Toby Stanger! In this interview we get a taste of who Toby is, what he is currently working on, and what kind of material he is going to bring to the upcoming show! This show is featuring a cast of 7 artists who include: Matthew Ryan Sharp, Project Detonate, H.C. Warner, Ben Walker, Tyler Coey, Brian Colin and Toby Stanger, and is set to go down this weekend, August 6, 2010 from 7pm - Midnight at Alcove Gallery in Atlanta. Take a minute, and get to know these artists as we ramp up for what promises to be a great show!

For those unfamiliar with you and your work can you tell us a little about yourself and your craft?
I started painting seriously 6-7 years ago but have been painting and doodling in some form or another my whole life. I have a full time job that allows me a lot of flexibility to paint all afternoon in my studio and gives me the feeling of being a full-time lazy artist. My primary medium is acrylics on wood – mostly found wood, like cabinet doors and old picture frames. A lot of my paintings in the last couple of years have been really detailed pictures of animals created using lots and lots of layers of paint put in place with tiny brushstrokes. I totally visualize my upcoming paintings before laying them out…. Then sometimes they change mid-painting into something else.

With Shady Characters being the title of the show, how does your work represent this theme?
Most of my characters are a little shady; I’ve got birds smoking cigarettes and wielding guns dressed in military garb, and sharks shooting lazer beams out their eyes.

Is this a theme that is regularly seen in your work?
Most definitely. I don’t know if I always think about it too closely, but I always seem to put these animals in these ridiculous human scenarios and it just makes humans seem like a lot of us are a bunch of jerks.

Do the subjects in your pieces represent you or anything that you are going through?
I’ve definitely used my art as an outlet during hard times. What I paint is not necessarily a literal interpretation of what I’m going through, but I paint to help me get through whatever process I’m going through. If I couldn’t paint, I might go crazy.

What else do you have going on in the near future that you would like to let folks know about?
I don’t have any more shows planned, but I’ve just settled in to my awesome new studio in downtown Bellingham, WA, and we have art walks the first Friday every month – come visit us! You can check out my website at www.tobystanger.com.