Monday, February 22, 2010

Sam Flores X Upper Playground "Blue Wyger"

We have seen the other editions of this great Sam Flores figure posted HERE in orange and then white, and now this figure is coming to us in a great blue color. Now I don't like this color as much as the other two, but the figure itself is super boss, and like I had mentioned before, there are some customizers out there that will do amazing work on these figures, that is something that I look forward to, is that wrong of me :-) The blue version is an Upper Playground exclusive and is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. Standing at a whopping 10" tall and also featuring two protruding tusks (gotta love a figure with tusks), you can snag one of these up for $85 a pop, guaranteed to go well with any Sam Flores collection!

"Mind Blown" - Mk2 Clear VisionResin from Crisr

Cris Rose has been pretty quite lately... keeping his nose to the grindstone, and churning out customs like a madman, and today he is offering up this amazing custom titled "Mind Blown" - Mk2 Clear VisionResin + Vinyl Mini Munny for only $170 + shipping. He is calling this his first "FIRESALE" which he is dubbing it as an "opportunity to pick up a one-off custom Mini Munny on a first come, first serve basis - so if you want him, email me back! Fastest fingers win." I am not quite sure if this piece is gone already or not, but if you would like to know when these updates go out, sign up for his mailing list HERE! This version is seriously cool, the blown out back head and the cracked glass cap are amazing detail that skyrocket this custom to a whole new level... sooo good!

Backstory on the "Mind Blown" - Mk2 Clear VisionResin
"Sporting the largest and brightest optical array in the company's history, Clear Vision Mk2 was a serious technical challenge. During many of the prototype's field tests, sudden increases in light levels would cause a massive feedback loop in the image buffers. The call would come in "We've had another mind blown here guys, time to start over". It would be back to the drawing board, while the unit smoldered in the test area." "The problem was eventually traced to a combination of programming fault and temperature sensitive elements placed too close to the heat exchanger - but from then on, all significant design flaws received the designation "Mind Blown", regardless of the project or fault."

Rotofugi reveals the many sides of Dredge...

We posted about this figure HERE and HERE and now thanks to the folks that run the Lake Monsters site... we have a full look at Brian Morris' "Dredge" figure. The first release of this figure will happen in the next few weeks, and it will be the black vinyl version with silver and pearl purple paint, as seen HERE! One thing that the photos above show us is that the head is one a giant ball joint, giving it maximum articulation... and the arms look like they swivel as well :-) The release date will be posted soon, and as that happens I will get them posted here!

Toy2R x Artoyz x The Apex: ‘Happiness for Haiti’ Qee" a charity fundraiser!

[Press from TOY2R] "We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have” – Fredrick Koenig

We take for granted the things we have but being without everyday necessities, like water and shelter can be devastating, especially for children. Helping make a better tomorrow for the people of Haiti includes bringing happiness back to the children. Toy2R is collaborating with Artoyz in France and Apex in the US to release this very special edition 2.5” Happiness for Haiti Qee Bear.

Limited to 500 pieces – this Qee can be purchased directly from Toy2R, Artoyz and Toy2R-USA The proceeds from each sale will go directly to the American Red Cross to help their relief efforts in Haiti. Help bring the back smiles to the children of Haiti with the purchase of this limited edition Qee.

For more information contact:
Toy2R (Hong Kong) – info@toy2r.com
Toy2R USA – info@toy2rusa.com
Artoyz (France) – contact@artoyz.com
The Apex (USA) – theapex@apex-z.com

Wonderfest exclusive "Nite Time Papa Sama Wood Hermit" from Erick Scarecrow

Erick Scarecrow is at it once again with his extremely limited resin releases... this time around is the really cool "Nite Time Papa Sama Wood Hermit" which was released at Wonderfest in Japan. This version is BY FAR, HANDS DOWN, my favorite version released thus far, the colors are amazing and really make the distinct characteristics of this figure pop! This is 8" of handpainted resin and limited to only 25 pieces worldwide which will be signed/numbered by Erick and will drop this Friday 02/26/10 at 11am in the ESC Ebay shop. Great job dude, seriously diggin this piece!

Super7 x Lamour Supreme - SSSS GID Mongolion

It looks like the cat is out of the bag, and according to J.ME (who posted the OG picture) this is the next figure in line for the SSSS or Super Seven Secret Society! This rad GID Mongolion designed by L’amour Supreme is limited to only those who hold a membership to this Super 7 exclusive club... making this very sought after. Want to know more about this society... click HERE to find out what little info there is to offer.

Scribe's "Walrusamust" mini figure prototype...

The guys over at Cardboard Spaceship have sure been great to Scribe, or should I say they have been great to each other... releasing some awesome figures with him in 2009, and now 2010 rolls around and they have some really HUGE plans! They are going to be releasing a new vinyl mini series based on the amazing character design by Scribe. Above is the figure titled "Walrusamust" and this is going to be 1 of 7 figures in this series titled "The Resound Field Guide"... these figures will be around the 3" mark and will be blind-boxed. The images above, I am sure don't do this piece justice, and as you can see from both the wax sculpts and the final prototype form, this is going to be an amazingly detailed set of figures capturing Scribes fantastic illustration and transforming it into the 3D realm seamlessly! There is not set release date or price for these figures, but as soon as I find out more info, you all will be the first to know!

Jim Woodring's "Big Egypt Parlor Sphinx"

Having a girlfriend who is completely obsessed with frogs, makes my eye super keen to those silly green creatures, and seeing as she is not really "into" the designer toy scene, maybe this figure designed by Jim Woodring and produced by Cardboard Spaceship can be her gateway drug :-) The figure titled "Big Egypt Parlor Sphinx" stand about 4" tall and is a cool resin piece that was on display at the Cardboard Spaceship booth at this past SDCC 2009. This is now available for your purchasing pleasure, and at only 50 pieces made and retailing for $40... you gotta hop (get it, hehe) on this fast HERE, because it will go quick!

Win a factory blank "Dragon Boy" from The Loyal Subjects in celebration of their 1 year anniversary!

WOW, now this is a really great contest to win one of the coolest figures produced this year. The Loyal Subjects are celebrating their 1st anniversary and in true celebration fashion they are giving you a chance to win a Blank Sam Flores Kid Dragon... and you may ask yourself oh big whoop, I can just buy one and then blank it... well there are only 15 of these bad boys made, a legit factory blank... now that's cool! Also to note that if your not chosen as the lucky winner they are still giving away great consolation prizes to the 2 runner ups in the form of the Blue Kid Dragon. Hit up their site HERE for all of the details.

Kidrobot 18: KidMutant 8" by Frank Kozik

We posed about Frank's latest creation a little while HERE, and only seeing it in prototype form, but now it has come to fruition making it the 18th Kidrobot figure to grace store shelves this coming March! Posted up on the KRonikle "Our icon is back to contaminate your vinyl collection! After Frank Kozik exposed him to nuclear radiation, Kidrobot emerges with green skin, three eyes, and tentacles for arms!" This rad figure is limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide and will set you back $50... which I feel is a fair price, considering that not only does it come with the 8" Kidrobot figure, but also with the very cool mutated smorkin’ Labbit. Look for these to drop on March 18th!

Releasing Today • Jamungo X Playge MISFORTUNE CAT "BLACK"

This awesome looking figure from Jamungo X Playge is the second of 3 versions so far (that we know of) and it is set to release TODAY, Monday, FEB 22, 12:00 noon - Central Daylight Time. This is 9" rotocast vinyl, and includes a very nice velvet bag. There are only 150 pieces produced, and they will retail for $85 shipped... be sure if your diggin these to be on the site HERE at the specific time, these will go fast!