Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday DrilOne 24hr GIVEAWAY!!!!

Our blog buddy and super talented artist DrilOne is celebrating his birthday today, December 19th 2010... and instead of asking for gifts, he decided to give to you! Dril has ponied up some awesome goodies for a special 24hour birthday contest here on SS.com, and entering is simple... but first, the prizes. 6 people will win in total, and Dril promises to pack each box as full as he can. So 2 people will get customs like that rad Dunny and LeTurd above (maybe more), and The other 4 will get a AP Qee's... as well as extras like series 5 dunnys, random toys, paintings, sketches, stickers, and more! Dril will pick 4 winners at random from the comments, and I will pick 2 winners at random via twitter! So to enter you just need to follow DrilOne on Twitter HERE, and also leave a comment in this post stating what you would like to see Dril "rust up" as his next project! You can also earn ONE additional entry by using your Twitter account and entering this text "In lieu of @DrilOne 's BIRTHDAY he is giving away tons of stuff over on SpankyStokes.com http://bit.ly/iflwHd #SSDRIL PLS RT to enter!" You can just copy and paste the above quoted text, without the quotes of course :-) Thanks so much to Dril for putting this together and Happy birthday man... good luck to all that enter and if your an international reader I would ask if you could cover the shipping for these awesome gifts.Hit the jump to see the WINNERS... was it you?!?!?!
We had a ton of entries for this contest... especially seeing as it was a Sunday so thanks so much to everyone who participated... but most of all thanks to Dril for putting together this awesome contest and giving away these awesome prize packages!!! Below is a list of winners and for those of you who won please email DrilOne at Drils[at]yahoo.com with your addy!

Winners from comments Random.org picked winners:
1. Irit said...
A mega Munny!
(I'm @maliciouscandy on Twitter)

2.paulyb said...
You should do a rusted Mario Series! Happy Birthday Man!

3.Carrie said...
I would love to see Dril use a Mega Munny or anything he made on his own is awesome!
Retweeted as Chiisexy.

Fav Comment winner:
4. ADDEccentric said...
I'd like to see Dril take on a Ronald McDonald statue that they have sitting on a bench out front of McDonald's (I have memories of taking funny pics with Ronald when I was younger in Manhattan, thats Why this won)

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