Thursday, September 9, 2010

Super7 sues Stan Lee...

After hearing about this a few months ago, I had neglected to post about it, but after watching the above video I figured why not. Chris Gore, TV personality on G4, had the opportunity to interview the man, the legend, Stan Lee at this years Dragon*Con in Atlanta and during this interview Stan briefly touches on the issue (around the 1:24 mark) where Super7 sued Archie Comics and Stan Lee as they were going to launch a new series entitled Stan Lee's "Super Seven"... a pretty lame new idea that pins Stan Lee as one of the characters in this new series that befriends 7 superheros to help them resume their lives on earth. So from what I can tell, and from what Stan says in the above video, it appears that this "little toy company" :-) Super7 won the lawsuit as they don't have a specific name for the series yet. I guess congrats are in order because I can see how if the comic did go though with that name there would most definitely be a conflict of interest as the guys over at Super7 have poured their lives/money into that trademark.

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