Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doktor A's "G-N-O-M-E" from RAJE Toys...

See... I told you more on RAJE Toys soon... these guys have been slaying it with some big named artists on board and as you can see from the fantastic art above as well as the video below they have Doktor A on board... what a fantastic addition! Dok was asked to take RAJE's upcoming "Dr. Brain" created by artist Jim Frenckingham, and build off that body type and he came up with this "G-N-O-M-E" figure aka Gyroscopic Non-Ornamental Mechanised Exacvator!

This rad figure will probably stand close to 8" tall, and will feature some awesome knick-knacks, all being relatively familiar in the steampunk genre that we have come to know and love from Dok A! I think the best part about this figure is the pointy hat will be removable to reveal a nice head drill... how else do you think those Gnome's dig their massive tunnels :-) Keep your eyes on this company folks, they are making waves already... without one figure yet to be released!