Monday, January 11, 2010

Matt Cipov's - Creatures of the Deep @ 323East

From Austria to Detroit
Matt Cipov's - Creatures of the Deep

Are you afraid of monsters? - Matt Cipov is not!

Returning just days after his first European solo show in Austria at Contemporary Artspace, meet artist Matt Cipov at 323East on Saturday, January 30th, check out his new works with more than 100 originals, drawings, prints and more

Cipov's drawings, conspicuously small in size, captivate with their refreshing diversity of motifs full of monsters, costumed creatures and grotesque shapes. Using a clever selection of expressive original works Matt Cipov allows us an ironic and extremely entertaining insight into the complex diversity of human and animal nature. A sobering, but at the same time highly amusing reflection of everyday madness. Matt Cipov's Creatures of the Deep: Saturday, Jan 30th 6pm @ 323East