Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jesse Hernandez Chase 8" Dunny...maybe?

Alright folks...seeing as SpankyStokes.com was the first to reveal Big J's 8" Dunny, well before Kidrobot had even announced it, I am going to go out on a limb and just say I have a hunch at what the exclusive colorway might be. Keep in mind this is just me over thinking things once again, but this is always fun.

Above is a picture that I found on Jesse's site...with two customs that he did titled "Jaguar Warrior Twins", and seeing how the one on the left is very similar to the one Kidrobot is releasing...making the one on the right a possibility for the chase???? How cool would that be? Once again this is just speculation, but I would like to know what you all think about this, do you think I could be a little right in thinking this, or WAY off!

Doktor A's Stephan Le Podd Exclusive Colorway's

So posted above is a shot of what I believe is all the colorways for Doktor A's Stephan Le Podd figure released by Mindstyle, but after some further sleuthing, I found a list on J.ME site stating that there are 10 versions...and only 6 are pictured above. It is hard to tell if the list below is true or not, but we will just have to wait and see, but until then, enjoy the pic! I am diggin all the different hats, and colorways alot, both parties did an excellent job on making each one unique in nature, therefore making me want to buy EVERYONE!

Dok A had this to say about the picture above:
"These are work in progress paint-test prototypes. The green one is no longer like that. The "white one is more sand coloured than it looks in the photo, "Safari" version. And yes there are more than this. We have only just started sorting out the next lot. Just at the paint test stage. And Taipei and Singapore will have the same version split between them."

Thank you so much for the heads up on this picture... and as they say this came "Straight from the horses mouth"...not calling you a horse Dok, it is just an expression ;-) I digress, we are all looking forward to seeing these in their final form, so keep up the great work!

2008 December - VTN limit (limit 100)
2009 January - Vinyl Pulse FDR edition (limited 50)
2009 1 month - The original (limited 300)
2009 by the end of January - Asia limit (limit 200)
2009 2009 February - NYCC limit (limit 100)
2009 5 months - The European limit (limit 150)
2009 7 months - Taipei Toys limit (limit 50)
2009 by the end of July - SDCC limit (limit 100)
2009 8 months - Singapore Toys limit (limit 50)
2009 September - DragonCon limit (limit 100)

Rotofugi +Squibbles Ink at Wondercon

Check out Rotofugi (Booth #1135) at WonderCon in San Franciso? They'll also have a special pre-release of both Ninjatown Series 1.5 and Series 2 by Shawnimals (plus Special Releases (exclusives) of both Tear Drips by Travis Lampe and Marshall by 64 Colors. For more information on Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi projects, click this link for each project blog!

I am really looking forward to all of the stuff coming out this year from these companies, they all look really solid, and the Marshals might just bring me back to collecting mini-figures!!! I want to give a shout out to the guys over at Toycyte for providing all of these pictures, they have extensive coverage of Wondercon over on their site so please stop by and check it all out!

The Orange Octopus (That's Bad At Maths) *SOLD*

The latest release from master customizer Cris Rose just released today, and for $160 this custom marvel could be yours. Check out all the detail on this awesome piece, and keep in mind all of these parts are totally hand made...RAD!

A description from Cris:
"Runcible loves to build and repair things; he also loves to scavenge parts and build himself different bodies for different tasks - here we see one of Runcible's first attempts at making a body to double his productivity... with a second set of arms!"

"With 7 limbs, 5 of them building at once, you can imagine good lubrication would be on his mind (hense a head full of oil)."

Head on over to Cris's online store right now to make the purchase. All of his products sell out super fast, so if you are diggin what you see, then don't hesitate! Awesome job once again, you are an outstanding artist, and it is really cool to follow you as you make your vision a reality!

***SOLD OUT!***
I told you these sell out fast! Hahaha, congrats Cris!