Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"The Child Ent Munny" by Kevin Gosselin

Kevin Gosselin is relatively new to making customs, and to the vinyl scene in general. He was a graphic designer for 9 years up until September when he decided to pursue fine art. His brother was the one who pushed him in the right direction where he finally entered a piece into the KidRobot MunnyWorld contest, and he took one of the spots with his piece titled "The Dunny Eater" (check it HERE) he also just finished a recent commission piece titled the "Dunny-Mounted Labbit"(check it HERE). Now he is just trying to find his style and build his skills.

This last piece titled "The Child Ent Munny" (posted above) is the second Ent he has made. He had some time over the holidays and decided to revisit the Ent theme. It was made using a polymer clay and floral wire for the bonsai. The piece took about a week to make but was in part due to redoing the face and the tree. He had originally done a much older looking face, and had a much busier tree. This seriously is so sick and keep your eyes on Kevin, because he is on FIRE! This piece is available for purchase HERE for only $125... so go snag it up!