Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vinyl Graffiti • A new online network for vinyl fans

Vinyl fans rejoice a new website has been created just for you VinylGraffiti.com has just been launched and this site enables fans of designer toys to showcase their toy collections and network with other like-minded collectors.

While they don't envision providing the level of networking offered by the likes of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc, they do hope to develop a thriving community site specific to fans of designer toys. By enabling members to create a profile and add links to accounts on other networking sites, they are more about enabling members to catalog their designer toy collections, make wish lists and offer free ‘classified’ style advertising to sell or trade toys with other members.

Vinyl Graffiti's aim is to include all the designer toys ever produced, a monumental task that hopefully will be achieved with the support of the designer toy community. Members can quickly add toys to the central database using an online form and when a member adds a toy, they are credited with a link to their profile page. Also since they know that many members will also be customizers, future features on the site will allow members to add their custom toys to their collection and also offer them for trade or sale.

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