Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RL-MECH 0809 custom by VISEone

VISEone just sent over some rad shots of his custom for the ROBOLUCHA show! This figure titled "RL-MECH 0809" is a very detailed custom that even has a miniture sitting in the figures head as the pilot, the attention to detail is rad, and you gotta love a mech with wings! VISEone says that the "RL-MECH 0809 is an old mecha that still defends the border to Naaru a city with survivors of the big mecha-war. He looks old, rusty and got shot a several times - but the mechanics of Naaru did a great job on 0809 so he still stands up and looks scary enough to impress his enemies." You can see more customs from this show HERE, and find other pictures via the Facebook page HERE

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