Monday, August 24, 2009

"Pandara" the heavy metal panda by Paul Shih

Paul Shih would like to introduce his newest designer resin figure titled "PANDARA the heavy metal panda!" This is a new addition to his hollow threat family, and this figure is set to release in early September, no set date exactly, as Paul is still working on a few odds and ends to make this release go off without a hitch, but you can check his site HERE, or just keep checkin back on SpankyStokes.com for up to date news, but in the meantime... enjoy the rad video!

PANDARA stands 5" tall, and is 100% hand-cast(polyurethane resin, for those who bought metal spirit, this is a new improved material) and painted by me! It will retail for $40USD plus shipping for pre-orders!

Paul would like to give a shout out to his buddy geoff for helping him with the above SICK video, and also to ognedal for his killer track, who is a very talented musician, and if you would like to hear more hit up his soundclick page!