Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New handcrafted collectible figurine: Mimushi

In a world of vinyl, wood is king.
These wooden figurines designed and created by Blattke of Mimushi Design are meticulously crafted by hand, one by one. Although they have similarities, none of them looks the same as the next one, making each piece as unique as it gets. Due to its meticulous process and dedication, they are only able to produce up to 80 a month; to date only 119 have been produced, and now they have moved on to the next series.

Quantities, as you can see, are very limited, and unlike other limited editions, this is not deliberate; it’s just the nature of it. Whoever gets their hands on one of these, will enjoy a true collectible that very few people in the world will be able to have. Oh, and an added bonus: the box is a fine work of art in itself, and it looks fantastic! The detail in each and every one of these pieces is unreal and they are true pieces of art. If you are interested in picking one of these up you can hit up the store HERE, and be sure to CLICK THROUGH for much more info and pics about this truly limited designer figure!

About the Artist:
Unknown concept artist blattke is the creator of the mimushi character and his identities. After years of experience in the ad world, and while taking some art courses he saw a designer toy and quickly became an avid collector. Inspired on a childhood story of a clinical case he heard about a woman with a psychological disorder, he began cooking up ideas for a multiple personality character. Hence mimushi was born. blattke currently conceptualizes at his own studio, located in Miami, FL. He bike treks to his creative space each day (a 10-mile joyride).

Character Story:
Mimushi is a 3-year-old character imported somewhere from Asia who was adopted by parents who up until now are unaware of his multiple, -and ever multiplying personalities. So far he has only exteriorly experienced his many facets (in vinyl), but this new series is the most haunting of all: the Dauntless Gatekeepers. This squadron of fearless sumo warriors lives in his brain, opening and closing the doors between his endless embodiments. They choose who to let out and who to let in. They hold part of the key that might one day set him free.