Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Animals," animated music video for Minilogue by Kristofer Ström

Awesome video that I found on BoingBoing!

Today is animation day on Boing Boing tv, and we're super proud to present a new work from one of our favorite young animator/directors -- Kristofer Ström of Ljudbilden & Piloten, based in Amsterdam.

Here's their blog, and this has to be the most lovely Facebook graffitti ever.

This short work is a music video he created for the Swedish electronica band Minilogue. The track is "Animals," and the video features colorful critter-blobs wreaking hyperfun havoc all over an urban real-life-scape.

I really dig this style of animation...where it is a real world scene with animation on top of it, almost like we are living in symbiotics with cartoons...a la "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". I hope you all get as much enjoyment as I have!


  1. that's pretty awesome. i'll have to check out that band. i love me some chill electronica.

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