Sunday, August 31, 2008

ALittleBitOnTheAwesomeShow - Episode #6

A Little Bit On The Awesome Show Episode #6 from brownkidd on Vimeo.

Great show once again guys, looking forward to the next one(love that Joker fatality!!!!), and your t's are on the way from Turney!

Straight from the ALBOTAS website, since I am lazy:
It’s been a while, but the Awesome Show is back in fighting form! This week we take a look at some custom toys designed by our loyal fans, brownkidd shows off his custom Soopa Coin-Up Bros. figure, and we show off some footage from Monster-Mania Con 11 - one of the finest horror movie conventions on the east coast.
We also show off Joker’s fatality in MK vs DC Universe and talk about the latest in CG Facial animation in a segment we like to call FRESH F**KIN’ NEWS.
In a previous episode, we asked fans to send in their stories about how they got into the designer scene and we got a response! Eliott Riggs sent in links to his collection which can be seen here and some customs which can be found here.
Other show notes:
Be sure to check out some past episodes.

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